Fast and Easy Preschool Crafts

preschool craft

The best preschool crafts are ones that can be completed quickly with little adult assistance. Many fast and easy preschool projects use items that are readily available in the home. Projects that can be completed by the preschooler help to develop independence.

Cardboard Tube Crafts:

Cardboard tubes are great to use. Binoculars can be made by taping two small child decorated cardboard tubes together. Kaleidoscopes can be made by gluing small scraps of tissue paper and confetti onto a small square of tissue paper. Covering one end of a cardboard with the tissue paper square creates a kaleidoscope. Using a cardboard tube and thin strips of tissue paper or Mylar windsocks can be made. Making rain sticks from cardboard tubes is another fast and easy craft project. Toothpicks, cardboard tubes, dry beans or seeds and some tape is all that is needed to complete this craft project.

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Lunch Bag Projects:

There are hundreds of lunch bag crafts for preschoolers. Bird nests can be made using crumpled down open lunch bags, twigs and feathers. Adding a plastic egg or a paper bird that has been decorated by them personalizes the bird’s nest. Paper lunch sacks can be filled with shredded newspaper and turned into fruits and vegetables that can be decorated with pre-cut leaves, stems, butterflies and insects. Lunch sack puppets provide great craft projects that can be then used for creative plays and puppet shows. Faces can be colored on a closed bag using yarn for hair; feathers or pre-cut paper feathers can be glued on allowing children to create bird puppets; paper scales glued onto paper sacks transform the bags into snakes, lizards or dragons.

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Paper Crafts:

Paper comes in all types of colors, thicknesses and textures. The amount of crafts you can make using paper are practically limitless. Seasonal crafts using paper include using tissue paper to make spring blossoms on trees, creating family pumpkin patches or an undersea waterscape with pre-cut fish, turtles, dolphins and seashells. Pre-cut snowflakes can be used to create a hidden picture collage. Preschoolers can draw small pictures on smaller pieces of paper glue them onto a larger piece of paper and use pre-cut snowflakes to hide their pictures. Gluing only the top part of the snowflake allows the snowflake to be lifting revealing the hidden masterpiece underneath. Mother’s Day paper link chains that are decorated are an easy, quick preschool craft. The links are then glued together forming a chain. This project is easily adapted to other holidays and seasons.

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Straw Crafts:

Plastic drinking straws can be used for many preschool crafts. Making a mobile, using pieces of a plastic drinking straw, a two-foot piece of yarn and six pre-cut paper stars, is a fast and easy preschool craft. Puppets can be made using straws as the base. Pre-cut shapes such as people, animals, snowmen and insects, decorated by the preschooler and glued onto the straw are fast, easy projects that can be used for make believe play. A plastic lid, a small ball of clay, a straw and a paper sail will let preschoolers make a boat that can be floated in a sink or pan of water.

Many preschool crafts utilize common everyday items, and can use things that are usually thrown away. Plastic lids, paper bags, newspaper, and many other objects can be used by children of all ages to create fun and easy craft projects.

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