Preschool Science Skills

Preschool Science Skills Every Preschooler Should Have

Understanding science helps everyone learn about the world. Preschool science skills are fun, easy to teach and to the delight of a child, occasionally messy. Preschoolers can learn about science while exploring their environment. Arts and crafts are two ways to incorporate science and fun when helping a preschooler understand…

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

The educational road for children today starts at an early age. Kindergarten readiness are skills that children need to have before entering school. Some parents choose to place their children in public preschool, but there many of the required readiness skills are easily learned at home. Kindergarten Requirements: Each school…


Preschool Books – The Best Way To Develop Verbal Language Skills

Reading to a child is very important. Preschool books are written especially for children. These types of books are short and contain many of the first words a child will learn. Reading is after all, a fun-damental skill. Picture Books: Reading helps children develop verbal language skills. Picture books can…

Preschool Graduation Ideas

Preschool Graduation Ideas That Parents Will Love

Preschool graduation ideas for commemorating that important educational achievement are plentiful. Choosing one graduation idea may be difficult, however the rewards will be worth the effort. Organization: Like any celebration, organization is the key for a successful, enjoyable preschool graduation. Ideas can include themed celebrations with music, food and decorations….

preschool art projects

Choosing Preschool Art Projects

Art Mediums: Preschoolers can use many safe, non-toxic art mediums. Paint is more than just an art supply; it can also be a valuable education tool. Exploring colors by using primary paints to produce other colors is a fun way for young children to experiment. Adding sand, spices, seeds and…