Preschool Books – The Best Way To Develop Verbal Language Skills


Reading to a child is very important. Preschool books are written especially for children. These types of books are short and contain many of the first words a child will learn. Reading is after all, a fun-damental skill.

Picture Books:

Reading helps children develop verbal language skills. Picture books can be read to children when they are babies. Preschool books are filled with pictures and small first words. Some preschool picture books use first sight words to help them learn to read. Reading these types of books helps them to associate the word with the object. Shape and color picture books, barnyard animal books, zoo animal and vehicle books allow preschools to hear the word of their favorite animals.

Word and Alphabet Books:

When looking for preschool books for children between three and four consider alphabet books. First word books, like those written by Dr. Seuss, contain funny pictures with simple first words. Hop on Pop, for example uses rhyming first words to tell a funny story. Alphabet books include easy first reading books and books that can be read to children. Alpha Bugs, a pop up book uses words that start with the same letter to help children learn letter sounds. These are only two of the hundreds of alphabet books available from your library, bookstores and online.

Character Books:

Some of the most well known books for preschoolers are those that feature characters. Some notable character books for children are the Tales of Benjamin Bunny that includes the Tale of Peter Rabbit, Madeline, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George. These characters have held a place in children’s imaginations for many years becoming traditions in most households. Many of these timeless stories have been made into cartoon movies. Reading to a child is more beneficial than watching movies. Having the ability to listen and watch the story when a parent is busy is better than no story at all.

Chapter Books:

Chapter books for preschoolers are written for young children to allow them to be read over the course of a few days. These types of stories help children to anticipate the next chapter. The story lines are complex and exciting. Some of these books include the Tales of Raggedy Ann and Andy, The Tales of Benjamin Bunny and Little Bear. Older preschoolers may need additional excitement and detailed stories. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Indian in the Cupboard and A Wrinkle in Time may provide the stimulus and thrills older children seek.

First Readers:

Finding preschool books that children can read themselves is not difficult. The first reading books should be simple, funny short stories that use small easily recognized words. Stop, go, no, hop, pop, numeral words such as one, two and three and directional words come, over and up. Many of the books written by Dr. Seuss were written for first readers. Occasionally preschoolers will memorize the story and “read” along with the reader. Children who memorize these first words have a head start on the road to reading readiness.

Preschool books can provide a special time for a parent and child. Children who are read to when they are young usually continue reading as adults.

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