Using a Free Preschool Curriculum as a Guide

Preschool Curriculum

Learning begins at home. Using a free preschool curriculum can help guide caregivers provide a positive first step in a child’s educational journey. By incorporating the necessary elements from a preschool curriculum, young children can experience the joy of learning guided by the people they know and love.

Basic Skills:

Young children need to learn the basic skills that will help them prepare for more complex academic challenges. By utilizing a free preschool curriculum, these basic skills can be explored. Learning to count, recognizing numbers, reading readiness and basic math concepts can easily be taught through games, daily activities and hands on exploration. Taking a walk can help a child learn about plants and animals. Counting the number of plates or silverware needed for the family to eat a meal helps them learn to count. Armed with an age appropriate curriculum, any caregiver will be able to help a child learn.

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Preschool Math:

Math is a subject that few people enjoy. Unlike older children, preschool math focuses on learning to count, recognize shapes and learning to associate numbers with words. There are many printable worksheets available at free preschool curriculum sites. These large, easy to read pages can be colored, used as the template for arts and crafts as well as colored and hung on a wall. Children are attracted to bright colors and enjoy hands on activities. Sorting by size, recognizing shapes and counting can be easily turned into games. These printable worksheets allow caregivers to create learning games that teach basic math concepts.

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Science Skills:

A child experiences science every day. The changing seasons can be used to teach a preschooler about the weather, the planets and temperature. Science skills can be easily taught using craft projects found at free preschool curriculum websites. Turning accidents into science lessons is one way to turn an unpleasant event into a learning experience. A shaken can of soda pop that overflows when it is opened, helps preschoolers learn about pressure. Cutting apples for a snack can be used to teach a child the basics of botany. Explaining how plants make new plants by producing seeds may lead to sprouting seeds, planting flower seeds and caring for the plant as it grows.

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Reading Readiness:

One of the best ways to help a preschool prepare to read is to read to them regularly. Adding letter recognition, the sounds that the letters make and helping them print their name provides the foundation necessary for success. Reading to a child helps them understand how words are made from letters, how punctuation is used and improves their ability to recognize the first letter of objects they recognize. Preschool projects that help prepare them for reading can be printed from free preschool curriculum sites. Many of these pages include hints that will help caregivers find many ways to use these printouts. Gluing objects that start with the same letter onto page that contains that letter is just one way these age-appropriate pages can be used.

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Choosing Preschool Curriculums:

Most educators agree that any curriculum for preschoolers should contain reading preparedness, science, math, music, art, fine and gross motor skill development and fun. Children, especially preschoolers are full of energy and enjoy having fun. Learning to add fun to a free preschool curriculum is easy because of the child-friendly nature of these types of websites.

Until recently, all children learned basic educational skills at home. Using a preschool curriculum allows parents to provide an appropriate early educational experience without the expense of sending their children to a public preschool.

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