Preschool Graduation Ideas That Parents Will Love

Preschool Graduation Ideas

Preschool graduation ideas for commemorating that important educational achievement are plentiful. Choosing one graduation idea may be difficult, however the rewards will be worth the effort.


Like any celebration, organization is the key for a successful, enjoyable preschool graduation. Ideas can include themed celebrations with music, food and decorations. A nature themed preschool graduation celebration might have paper palm trees, stuffed jungle animals, a cake decorated with jungle animals and music with animal sounds. Before you go shopping, make a list that includes family members and friends that might enjoy being part of the celebration. Determine how many supplies you require and any special tasks that may need to be finished. Such a list will include invitations, decorations, a diploma for the preschooler and, if desired, age-appropriate graduation gifts.

Preschool Facility Graduations:

Many preschool facilities honor their graduating students with a ceremony and presentation of a diploma. Family members and friends may be invited to the preschool graduation. Ideas for invitations might include a handmade card with a photo of the child in front of the facility with the date, time and location printed clearly on the inside. Allowing the child to print their name inside adds a personal touch. Some preschool facilities host a small party after the ceremony, however that does not mean you cannot hold a special post-graduation party. Being at home with people that they know and love will help make the transition from preschool to regular school easy and memorable.

Home Celebrations:

When celebrating a preschool graduation at home, there are many fun and unique ways to celebrate. If there are going to be gifts, ask that they be school related or academic in nature.

  • Books are always a great choice when giving a young child a present.
  • Science kits, bug houses, telescopes and craft items are also great preschool graduation ideas.
  • Children love to make and create things using all types of materials. Crayons, chalk, magic markers and washable paints are nice additions to any craft box.
  • Scissors that cut patterned edges, bake-able clay and plastic templates for drawing shapes and objects add variety to a child’s art tools.
  • Book bags, lunch boxes and photo books containing pictures of the child from birth to the present are gifts that the child can use when entering school in the fall.


Home schooled children should have celebrations marking their transition from preschool to elementary school. You can go online to find diplomas to print out or you may find them in many craft stores. Affixing gold foil stars or stickers to these types of diplomas adds a special touch of elegance to these diplomas. If a child has a particular passion such as animals or vehicles, these can be included on the diploma.


Taking photographs is an important aspect of any preschool graduation. Ideas for phonograph might include a picture timeline starting the night before or the morning of the child’s graduation. Take pictures as the child gets ready, lots of ones during the ceremony and even more of the celebration afterwards. Then place these photographs in a binder to create a special graduation memory album that will be shared with family and friends often.

Children thrive when they receive praise. Using one of the many preschool graduation ideas to celebrate this moment in a child’s life provides them with a sense of accomplishment.

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