Preschool Lesson Plans for Home or School

Preschool Lesson Plans

Creating preschool lesson plans at home allows for the incorporation of faith specific educational criteria. Childcare facilities should have specific lesson plans that parents can review. Either way, projects, crafts, exploration and creativity should be part of preschool learning.

Basic Criteria:

Children should be learning specific skills and expanding their horizons. Preschool lesson plans should help them prepare for reading by developing their word vocabulary, letter recognition, phonetic letter sound abilities and writing skills. Math lessons for a preschool aged child should include learning to sort by color, shape and size, counting, writing numerals one through ten and learning to differentiate between large and small.

Science subjects should involve skill sets from both math and language arts. Learning about animals, plants, birds and other things found in nature need to include projects that involve counting, sorting and shape.

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Preschool lesson plans that are rigid, leaving little room for flexibility, are not always the best for young children. Children, like adults, have good days and ones that are not so good. Flexibility is the key to using lesson plans effectively. Preschoolers have an abundance of energy and a bright, sunny day may cause distraction. Instead of practicing writing their names at their desk, taking them outside where they can practice on the playground is a way to adhere to a lesson plan while demonstrating flexibility. Structure is an important aspect of learning, but bending a little might mean the difference between a room full of smiles or one full of tears. Preschoolers are not ready to sit for an hour writing, bouncing from one task to another is part of making learning fun.

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Good preschool lesson plans include exploration and hands on participation. Reading about caves is nice but making one is fun. A walk around the playground can turn into a lesson on the different types of plants.

Preschoolers enjoy textures and colors. Lesson plans that include a variety of craft projects with many different materials will be entertaining and educational. Developing lesson plans for specific themes might include special guests or trips to special places like the zoo. Guests are always a great time for preschoolers, as a new person can show them something new.

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Preschoolers who create things learn about their world through touch, sight, and sometimes smell and taste. Craft projects incorporated into preschool lesson plans allows instructors and parents to prepare in advance. Creating craft projects with simple items such as cardboard tubes, scraps of fabric or wrapping paper and glue.

Developing educational lesson plans into craft projects can be as easy as choosing an alphabet letter. Preschoolers can find pictures in magazines or objects in the project box that start with that letter and glue them onto a sheet containing that letter. They can also write that letter on the page as well. Themed lesson plans focus a child’s attention on one subject. Crafts, art projects, reading books and words in a specific theme are a way to let learning be fun.

Preschool lesson plans created at home or found online should be part of any childcare program. Providing a child a flexible, supportive learning environment puts their feet on an excellent academic path.

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