Preschool Printables for Kidnergarten Readiness

Printables for Preschool Teachers
Printables for Preschool Teachers

There is an ongoing debate about the usefulness of preschool printables. Many parents and educators believe that the best way to educate children is through play and creativity. I have to somewhat agree. I have three children. My
oldest LOVED to do worksheets that I printed off the internet when she was little. I would give her packets for fun! Seriously. I remember one time her friend came over and she still begged for some. She enjoys doing work on her own and likes to figure things out for herself. I think she is a kinesthetic learner. My son, on the other hand, is hands down a visual learner. I had to do a lot of play and hands on activities with him. I would use the worksheets only to evaluate him. He would get bored easily and quickly if I tried to get him to do several worksheets at a time.

For more info on the different types of learners: Preschool Lesson Plans

Whether you are using printables to evaluate or to enforce, there are a few topics that they should cover to help your little one prepare for kindergarten:

• Opposites
• Alphabets
• Numbers
• Tracing
• Phonics – sounds of letters
• Vocabulary – Farm Animals, Things Around the House, Plants, Habitats, Clothing, Food
• Shapes and Colors
• Sorting and Matching
• Rhyming
• Simple Math – counting and sorting
• Farm Animals

With my son, I always made sure that I purchased workbooks that were rich in color and illustrations because as I stated earlier he is a visual learner. My favorite workbook was the one by Bra Inquest. OMG..I loved it!

Free Printables:

It is not necessary to purchase a workbook however; there are plenty of websites that offer free printables online. I will provide a few here but some of my favorites are:

Preschool Printable Activities:

If you are trying to find preschool printable activities as part of a lesson plan or as part of a fun holiday activity we have some sheets that you can print from here and we will list some of our favorite sites to go to for printable activities.

Printables for Preschool Teachers:

We love to help! Our list of printables for preschool teachers just keeps growing. We also have a place for you to list the type of printables you are looking for. Please do not be shy. What helps you may also be helpful to someone else.

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