Preschool Themes


Developing preschool themes is a loving task that parents, educators and caregivers will enjoy. Preschoolers enjoy sounds, songs, bright colors, tactile stimulation and physical involvement. Using these activities as guidelines, developing age-appropriate themes for preschoolers can be fun and educational.

Seasonal Themes:

The changing seasons brings new sights and sounds to a preschooler’s world. Develop seasonal themes that incorporate science, math skills, fine motor skills and color. When creating preschool themes, you should remember that activities should be limited to 20 minutes. The attention span of a preschooler is short. By tailoring themes to projects that take about 20 minutes, preschoolers will not loose interest and will be able to absorb and retain more information.

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Leaf shapes can be used as stencils, stamps or to decorate a bulletin board. Family trees can be made by putting family members’ names on leaves and making a “family tree” by gluing the leaves onto paper tree. Leaf prints are easy to make using tree leaves, colored construction paper and the sun. Leaves are placed on the construction paper and allowed to sit in the sun.

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Winter activities might include exploring temperatures by observing water freezing. Using plastic bottles, plain water, or water with glitter or food coloring or any other small materials, preschoolers can see how temperatures affect other things. Preschoolers may find making their own ice cream an enjoyable activity. Preschoolers enjoy songs and can create silly lyrics so sing to well-known songs. By changing the words of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to funny wintertime words chosen by the preschooler, silly songs can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Springtime themes that involve seeds are a great way to help preschoolers learn about plants and foster nurturing. Sprouting seeds to eat, planting flower or vegetable seeds and observing how other plants grow roots allow preschoolers to learn how plants grow. Planting flower seeds in individual pots will provide a gift that children can present their parents or grandparents. Making windsocks from cardboard tubes and tissue paper or ribbons is another fun and colorful activity.

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Summer provides a wealth of preschool themes that can be done outside. Sun prints made with leaves, sticks or flowers and colorful construction paper will demonstrate how the sun affects the earth. Prisms, sun catchers and crystals will help a preschoolers learn the basic principles of light. Using tubs of water allows for wild and wet fun. Making sailboats to float in the tub from the bottoms of plastic drink bottles, a small ball of clay to hold straw mast with paper sail are quick easy projects.

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Exploring the Five Senses:

Young children know that their world is full of sights, sounds and smells. Preschool themes can be developed that allow children to explore the five senses. Slices of lemons, apples, a pretzel and a small spoonful of cocoa powder lets a child explore taste. Putting the items inside a box with a hand hole allows the child to touch the unseen items and verbally explain what they feel. Empty cans with water of various levels will produce different tones allowing a child explore sound. Placing different colors of tissue paper on one end of a cardboard tube, children can view the world through different colors.

Developing preschool themes easily becomes second nature once fun is added to learning. When preschoolers are provided mental, physical and sensory stimulation new avenues of learning open up.

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