Preschool Websites for Educational Fun

Preschool Websites

I am the QUEEN of finding excellent preschool websites. My friends constantly come to me and ask me for the best website to visit for anything from health remedies to games for their little ones. I have a collection of sites that I have bookmarked under each of my children’s names. My children are nine, four, and one. As you can see, I have been adding to my collection for at least eight years.

You should really bookmark this page and start keeping a collection of your favorite sites. Share them with us!! A lot of the resources that you find online offer valuable lessons and fun. My son is a visual learner and I can’t tell you how beneficial these sites have been for him.

Three Faves off the Top of My Head:

  • Sites like which has a huge collection of online games.
  • is another great one that helps children with phonics and reading preparation.
  • My older kids love to draw and this site,, was by far the best one I found that kept all of us on the same page.

There are many, many more but these are the ones that are at the top of my head. You don’t have to register with these sites either so no worries about getting a ton of emails afterward.

I have grouped the collection into three categories. Please see below.

Early Childhood Websites:

When people are talking about preschoolers, they generally are referring to 2-4 year old kids and when they say early childhood this includes 2 -6 year old kids. So these websites may include some information for kindergartners and first graders but they are sure to also include activities for your preschoolers. If your kids are advanced for their age, then you will probably find these websites to be a great resource also.

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Preschool Websites for Teachers:

A collection of websites that is sure to make the preschool teacher’s life a bit easier. These sites will provide links to printable in high demand such as lunch menu templates, lesson plan templates, daily report printables, planners, accident reports, etc. I will make many of these templates myself and make them available for download at a later date.

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Websites for Preschoolers:

This is my absolute favorite collection of websites for preschoolers. I would use these websites to supplement any lesson plans that you may give. I would not depend on them to teach preschoolers. You may need to play along for the first few games and help with any craft ideas the sites might have. Finding and using the online coloring pages should be a fun and solo activity that the children can do by themselves. Coloring helps them learn colors and encourages creativity. Children love being in control of their coloring pages. They have been invaluable for my children and it is my pleasure to share them with you.

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